The only real voyage of d…

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes.

This is a wonderful notion that defines both my newfound approach to travel, and to soul-searching. When I discover new places, new lifestyles, and new ideas, I am in awe, because for so long, I’ve been in one place, knowing only a single set of habits and viewpoints. It’s a wonderful feeling to realize time and again that the world is larger than I can ever comprehend and that the people in it possess the magical quality of endless diversity. On the one hand, I feel small, and on the other hand, I am comfortable in the company of these still nameless and faceless strangers. I’m no longer only in the center of my own universe and simultaneously, I, with all my baggage and complexities, find refuge in the shadow of those who have dared to share their experiences and lives with me.


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