Twos and Fours

It’s been two weeks since my last cig and four weeks until my first 10k. I’m finally starting to excited for summer! (I know, it’s about time!)

I’ve had some good workouts this week and I’m really working on staying on the right track. It’s difficult but I make it a little easier with new clothes and new toys..


Dragged myself out of bed for a morning run, just so I could wear my cute Underarmour tank top 🙂 the scenery and the weather made it an extra great run. I love pushing my self during a workout and finishing to see a sheen of sweat on my shoulder and arms- there is something extra satisfying about seeing the immediate result of my workout.

And I finally bought myself the heart rate monitor I’ve been eyeing– it’ll be a worthwhile investment if I get into the habit of using it regularly. One of the drawbacks of running outside or spinning is that you don’t really know how your workout is going quantitatively so it’s great to track how your body is making out during an intense sweat session. I’m at the point in my new toy phase where I want to do every exercise under the sun to see why my heart rate and calorie burn is for each activity. PSA: the LifeFitness machines over estimate your calorie burn by about 20%. I burned about 95 for one mile on the treadmill.. Not bad, but I really want to see how running compares to spinning.

I also enjoy changing up the scenery during my workouts– different gym, different activity, etc.

Working out with a view at the 86th and Lex NYSC roofdeck.

I signed up for the Queens 10k a couple months ago, thinking that I’d have enough time to get ready for it.. But obviously I’ve been slacking on that front. I really need to fit in a good long run soon– most training plans online begin six to eight weeks before the run. …Oops! I’m excited to have a goal though– training officially begins this week!


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