On setting a good example

At the risk of taking myself too seriously and pretending I have more than an audience I can count– I’d like to ask women, ladies, even girls, to join me in setting a good example for others. Magazines may tell us in ten thousand different ways that a certain physical shape is ideal. the tabloids, the runways, the myriad to tv shows all but scream this at us. the least we can do is end the skinny conversation when it gets to us.

Obviously, much harder said than done. let’s begin by identifying all the features you appreciate about yourself.

Tangible, intangible, learned skills and god given talent.

Be comfortable in your skin, take pride in your existence, find happiness around you. Free yourself from the self-/society- imposed criteria for arbitrary perfection. It’ll be the most liberating thing you’ll ever do. And because you’re perfect already.


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