race, race, race

Ever since I started my new job, I’ve had so much more time on my hands and I’ve filled it by throwing myself into fitness. I love the endorphins, I love the calorie deficit, I love seeing my progress, but most of all, I just like seeing my sweat. (So this is what I had been missing while working 70+ hour weeks?) It might sound strange, but seeing beads if sweat on my face and arms make me feel like I’ve done something. It is such a tangible result of my exercise and I love that. (yea, I’m strange.)

I’ve been doing a lot more running, with some (read: a tiny bit) of strength training on the side. I’ve recently gotten obsessed with running/health blogs (esp her) and I’ve even been inspired to sign up for a couple races:

July 21, 2013 Queens 10K
October 6, 2013 DIVA Half Marathon in Long Island
October 12, 2013 Rock’n’Roll 10K
October 13, 2013 Staten Island Half Marathon (I haven’t signed up for this yet, I’m a little hesitant to do two halfs a week from each other)

I’ve only ever run 3 short (sub-5M) races before with a personal best of 9:18 at last year’s Poland Spring Kick-off. I’ve only recently started running longer distances and working on my endurance but I’m also wary of being too hard on myself — I still want running to be fun and I’m definitely looking forward to Saturday’s race. I’m interested in seeing what my pace will be, given my recent running patterns. My Garmin hasn’t come yet and the weather in New York has been crazy hot, so I wonder how running outdoors in this heat will do to my pace.

I’ve also done a fair amount of spin on the side and I’ve played with the idea of training to become a spin teacher. Wouldn’t that be cool? I also really want to be an aerial yoga teacher but to do that, you have to certify as a regular yoga teacher (the kind of yoga you do on flat land..) and there is -5000% chance that’ll ever happen. Womp womp.

A couple weekends ago, I was cleaning out my junk email and came across a well+good news blast about a new fitness class at chaise23. Now, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it seemed fun and different, so I got on board with their 3 for $33 promotion and signed up for their reinvention chair class. In a nutshell, it’s appears to be pilates + trx style bungees, but on a chair instead of a reformer, and much more upbeat than a regular pilates class. I took the class looking to tone up my arms because as of late, I’ve had very little patience with weights. (make that no patience at all..) Long story short, the Reinvention class kicked my ass and nearly made me cry for my mommy.


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