Week in Review




Last week was definitely not a normal week. We left the Thursday before for an impromptu 4-day cruise to Canada. I’d never been on a cruise before, nor had I ever been to Canada, so I figured, what the heck. Of course, my parents, the typical over-anxious eager beavers that they are, decided to show up 10 days early. Ok I’m exaggerating, but it definitely felt like it. Before we even set sail, I found myself twiddling my thumbs– for those of you who have never cruised.. think of the entire experience as living on a boat with 0 access to the outside world and about 10 things to do. Like, really. It sounds really simple and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was the most anti-climactic and most relaxing trip I have ever been on. I planned 0 things and did a lot of napping on lawn chairs or in any one of the 102398 whirlpools they had going on the deck.

OK fine, there may have been some family bonding :


and lots of this:


(fantastic book, btw. but my eyeballs may fall out before I reach the halfway mark.)

I’m also proud to say, I made it on the treadmill a record of 3x. And I did 3 whole miles without diving nose first into the miles and miles of water upfront.


In case we’re keeping score, that’s + 102931029381 points for Guy Fieri, + 3 for me. (Did I mention that cruises are the picture of gluttony? I felt like I was stuffing my face 20 hours straight and that’s probably an underestimation.

We came back Monday morning and I was itching for a run and a change of scenery. (Funny ha ha — Canada wasn’t scenic enough, obviously.) So I carved out a new route for myself and ran across the Manhattan Bridge, up Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn and around Prospect Park. I fully intended to run the return route back to Manhattan to round out 10 miles (wooo double digits!) but I had a hot dog calling my name. Just kidding! It was a gatorade, but it also didn’t help that I ran right into the West Indian Day Parade. Let me tell you, jay walking across Fifth Ave during Christmas PALES in comparison to cutting off a float at the West Indian Day Parade. Angry mobsters galore..

ANYWAYS, week in workouts:

Monday: 7mi run — Manhattan Bridge, Prospect Park

Tuesday: Shred Class, 55mins

Wednesday: Stairmaster and Planks (climbed the Empire State Building….. in my head)

Thursday: 10mi — two loops around the Reservoir, one loop around the park and one MASSIVE stomach ache as my pacer

Friday: Shred Class, 55mins

Saturday: Long walk with Mom + Boozy Brunch (big workout lifting mimosas)

Sunday: 7mi run – Manhattan Bridge, Prospect Park, followed by brunch in Williamsburg, where I promptly undid my workout with this:


homemade cinnamon roll in a skillet


Chicken and Waffles + a sugared grapefruit and apple butter


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