Spring is here!!

Okay, just kidding. Spring is probably a long long time away, if that groundhog has anything to say about it. But by the grace of god and global warming, we got our first warm day in really really long time and to celebrate that, I ran 15.32 miles (a personal record, distance-wise). My Nike app was wonky the whole time and I was too impatient to wait for my Garmin to find it’s stinkin satellites (I turned it on about ten-fifteen minutes into running) that I was never sure how far I had gone. Mapmyrun has set me straight.


In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that today’s run was made possible by my friend Edgar. Edgar is a true distance runner (he’s going for fifty miles next!) and he plans his long runs for Saturday morning, so I just tagged along for part of his run. I’m always looking for new routes in Manhattan so I’m always game if someone else is planning one.

I’m hoping to do a couple more longish runs before March 16. I’ll be running my first half marathon — the NYC Half. I’m so excited!!

Next up: experimenting with miso glazed eggplant, bootlegging from the B-flat menu and unveiling the BEST nut butter to consume straight from the jar.


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