operation NYCM2015

My last post was super serious (and I am super not) so on a much much lighter note, here are the highlights:

– I ran my first half marathon!! This was actually my second attempt at a half — last October, I was supposed to run the Diva Half Marathon in Long Island but….. I couldn’t find my passport. So this was it, my first half and I couldn’t have picked a better race, although there were a number of factors that made it a less than ideal race for me. First off, it was 30 degrees. 30. I really should’ve had a stern talk with Mother Nature acting out like this. And second, I was at the peak of the most terrible head cold of all of winter. But despite it, I had a blast and I really wouldn’t change a thing. I decided not to follow a training plan because I’m not that serious a person and I really hate thinking I have to run a set number of miles on a specific day.  It just takes all the fun out of running. I came in at 2:02:49, which I’ll happily take.


– After the NYC Half, I swore that I would never do more than a race or two per year, and I would NEVER run a marathon. 26.2 miles? I am not that crazy. And then about a week later, my very twisted logic kicked into gear. I logged into NYRR to find that I had sort-of-accidentally signed up for the UAE Kidney 10K (long story, for another time). And since I had already also signed up for the Brooklyn Half, I was going to be 3 races in for the year. The NYRR guaranteed entry for 2015 requires 9 races and 1 volunteer commitment to qualify. So my obvious next thought was, WHAT’S ANOTHER SIX RACES? I must’ve been feeling REALLY ballsy that day because I’m signed up for five more races in the next three months. All this to say, Operation NYCM2014 is a go – starting this Sunday.

-And finally, I’ve decided to blog more to hold myself accountable to my workouts. I’ve also started a photo workout diary to give myself a good push on lazy days. The collage style works two fold – it allows me to delete all the other random sweaty workout selfies I take and the dates help keep me extra accountable.





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