Hello friends!

A lot has happened since last time  and I’ve been terribly delinquent in writing about them, but I’m sure you’re all just DYING to know why. And I’ve got a good reason. I’ve been trying to sort myself out. Who knew it would be such a huge endeavor to figure me out? Gosh, I wish someone would write a manual.

I guess these are questions that are generally pretty straightforward for most people: What are you about? What are your hobbies? What inspires you? I really should know these things about myself but after graduation and after switching from life-consuming job, I found myself at a complete loss at how to allocate my free time. Sleep got pretty old, as did reruns of Law and Order. (Just kidding, Olivia Benson could never get old. Have you seen her lately?)

I was starting to feel like I should define myself a little better — I am more than my job, my school, my social calendar. But, who am I? It’s been a ordeal in trial and error and a crazy roller coaster at that. I’ve tried pole dancing, bouldering, hiking (ew, nature), running, exercise (whoa, where’s the couch?), biking, mentoring, jewelry making, cooking, pottery, painting, and more. And all of it has been absolutely fantastic.

I’m nowhere close to figuring all of me out, and I suspect I’ll never finish, but I’ve never been so excited to be a work in progress. I suspect this blogosphere will bear witness to much of this journey. But these are my twenties and this is my commitment to me. Just bear with me!



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