Friday Funday

Not gonna lie, this morning was not that fun. After a long and brutal winter, NYC is now plagued by wet, dreary skies constantly threatening to pour and demanding your constant preparedness. It also makes for gray mornings where you just want to stay under the covers. Forever.

I fought the sloth and dragged myself onto the treadmill for another two mile warm up (because that’s my thing now). I switched it up a little this morning though. One mile at 6mph at a 4-4.5% incline because I read somewhere that that’s one way to do speed work without actually running fast (sign me up!!). The second mile was done at 8mph because there is always this girl at the gym in the morning who runs a bajillion miles at 8mph and if she can do it, I GOTTA try. Sheesh it’s always a competition with me, ya know?



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