Operation NYCM pt 2

I ran the second race of the nine I’ll have to run to get guaranteed entry in the NYC marathon in 2015 and I finally shaved almost 30 seconds off my official pace time. Wooo! I just went from a snail’s pace to tortoise pace!

Anyways, I did something a little different this time after reading Sally’s NYC Half post. I knew it was time to get in a longer run and I hadn’t run more than 4 miles in one go since the NYC Half so I decided to run the 5 or so miles from my apartment to the start line. I ended the morning with a 9 miles before I hopped on the train home to start the rest of my Sunday. It’s sometimes hard to get out of bed but I just love early mornings and that feeling of accomplishment of getting things done before most people (including me) have had breakfast. Well technically, my breakfast was the the two shot blocks I had just before the actual race. I didn’t want to start the race already pooped, so I gave Clif’s shot blocks a try and I gotta say, the Margarita flavor is AWESOME. I never knew race fuel could taste so good. Maybe I can use it to fuel my real life….



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