Budding runner, Law and Order SVU buff, part time health fanatic.

New Yorker through and through.

my inspiration:

I started this blog to keep myself accountable to my workouts after a long and continuing battle with weightloss and weight maintenance. When I was first starting out running, I turned to the fitness blogosphere for inspiration and found some very inspiring runners and fitness bloggers. (RunEatRepeat, SkinnyRunner, PBFingers) And of course, they inspired me to start my own blog to document my journey to NYCM 2015 and all the goofball moments in between.

Another source of inspiration comes from my real life (as opposed to my fake blogosphere life, duh) in the form of my friends Janice and Cynthia, who are both fantastic writers (and fantastic people). Janice blogs about health in a refreshingly, non-obsessive manner, complete with delicious healthy recipes and news features. Cynthia is an inspiration in many ways, mostly because she marches to her own drum and is constantly improving herself, tackling her lists and being all around amazing. She began this year with a goal to write 50 medium posts, and so far, they have been magnificent. Each in their own way, they teach me to forgive myself, to improve, and to reflect.


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