Terrible Tuesday

Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Or a lot. It’s maybe been a mediocre but kinda sucky Tuesday. Of course, that’s just not as catchy.

We had another dreary morning here in New York and I had the hardest time getting moving. I skipped the morning boot camp class because I knew my ankle would not handle the constant jumping. Three miles into my Sunday run, my right ankle started acting up. I’ve never had an easy time with running, what with my awkwardly formed flat bunion-y feet (curse genetics!) and sometimes all the pain flares up at once. Sunday was one of those days. I decided I would take it easy and get on the elliptical instead of the treadmill.


I showed up without the most important part of my heart rate monitor (the transmitter) so I didn’t get to track my workout. I was surprised how lost I felt without it. HOW ELSE WILL I KNOW MY HEART IS BEATING? Yea, I know. I’m ridiculous. >


Happy Thursday


Two mile warm-up with intervals (in the esteemed company of the folks at Law and Order Criminal Intent), followed by triceps pulls, rows, assisted pull-ups, assisted dips and abdominal work. And then of course, some play time on the leg press. The leg press is always the sugar on top of my workouts, inspired by Madeline Albright (random, I know). I went to see her at a Q&A at the 92Y about two years ago and she shared that she can leg press 400 lbs, on account of all the years she spent stomping all over the world. I’m not doing any stomping but I’m determined to be at least a little bit as awesome as Madeline Albright, so I hop on the leg press every chance I can. I’m at about 150lbs now so I’ve got a long long way to go.

yoga me home

Last week, I happened upon a new gym in my neighborhood and I positively went nuts. I’ve been gym hopping these past few months, from NYSC to Equinox to the dinky gym at my apartment complex. I made this last move because $180 a month just wasn’t working out. The downside was that my dinky apartment gym was seriously bad news. It’s taught me that my excitement for working out goes in hand with how excited I am about my environment. It got so bad that I was missing workouts and I didn’t even mind all that much! So I understandably went nuts when I discovered a huge new gym just steps away from my apt. Check this out:


And to top it off: my HUGE news-I found a yoga class I actually don’t hate!!

I realize how ridiculous that sounds but it’s a pretty big deal for me. I’m not a big stretcher when I work out and that usually isn’t a problem but when I start running more, I’ve found that my muscles will rebel and pull in weird ways if I don’t stretch. Except I’ve always hated yoga, and I don’t quite know how to stretch on my own so I’m stuck. And I’ve given yoga many many chances. I’ve given a month to bikram, endless class credits to vinyasa and made countless voyages to Yoga to the People. I’ve always left feeling anything but zen and mostly just angry that someone had dripped their gross sweat on my mat. But not today! I ended my hour long class feeling stretchy and 10 times less sore than when I had walked in. Score 1 for yoga! (Finally.)