nuts for butter

I mentioned a while back that I would share the most perfect but butter with everyone and I’ve been keeping that particular secret for far too long. (I’m a terrible secret keeper so it’s pretty impressive how long I’ve gone.)

The object of my affections lately has been Maranatha’s chunky almond butter. It is seriously a sign that a God exists and he loves us dearly. It’s the perfect consistency for eating straight from the jar (please don’t judge me) or on bananas and apples if that’s your thing. Runners up are Maranatha’s creamy almond butter and Whole Food’s 365 chunky peanut butter. Do you have a favorite?

Below: My chunky Maranatha’s was gone before I remembered to take a picture and now my creamy one is done too. 😦


Protip: go get your Maranatha at Target if you can. It runs about 3-4 dollars cheaper and at the rate I’m going, that’s a huge difference.