easter ten

Sunday was beautiful and sunny and the absolute perfect day to run so I took the opportunity to chase down a new running route. As wonderful as New York is, finding a good route is sometimes tricky:

1. Run at the right time or you’ll have to part crowds like Moses parted the sea. And seriously, no one can do it like Moses. For example, don’t run the Brooklyn Bridge after 9am. Ever. Except maybe when it’s 10 degrees outside, in which case you can forget the tourists and start worrying about frostbite and wind burns.

2. Movie filming and/or parades and/or summer food fairs. Law and Order. That new Gyllenhal movie, ST. Patricks day parade, West Indian day parade (yea that one actually happened to me.) People get REALLY upset when you cut off their float. Sheesh.

3. Poop. Dog poop. Horse poop. Maybe even pig poop.

Anyways, the point is, I’m constantly looking for new routes and I’ve even taken to running on the street. On Sunday, I ran up Allen Street to First Ave straight to 60th street and across the bridge to Queens and back. I usually go on my long runs with a metrocard but I totally resisted this time and I made it all the way back for an even 10 miles, just in time to crash Easter dimsum with my friends. No pictures of that because I was too hangry to focus the camera. And I was too busy eating.



Is it spring yet?

I finally emerged from my weeklong sloth fest for a slow pre-rain run before work this morning. I’ve been feeling a little bored of the gym so I did a random loop around the ‘hood and called it a day. Unfortunately my last mile was more of a hobble than a run — my ankle has been bothering me hardcore and I’ve been meaning to get it looked at before I do any damage. Instead, I’ve been trying to throw shoes at the problem. Does anyone have thoughts on the mizuno inspire 10s? Speak now or forever hold yo’ piece. Actually it may be too late, Zappos is pretty fast.